April 25, 2012

Review of: Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

When mechanic and shapeshifter Mercy Thompson attempts to return a powerful Fae book she'd previously borrowed in an act of desperation, she finds the bookstore locked up and closed down. It seems the book contains secret knowledge-and the Fae will do just about anything to keep it out of the wrong hands. And if that doesn't take enough of Mercy's attention, her friend Samuel is struggling with his wolf side-leaving Mercy to cover for him, lest his own father declare Sam's life forfeit. All in all, Mercy has had better days. And if she isn't careful, she might not have many more to live...

Dr Samuel Cornick has let his wolf take over. For most werewolves this would be dangerous for those around him and lead to a death sentence. Mercy is able to buy him some time. Will it be enough time for her to drag the human half of Samuel to the surface and get him to take charge again?

Certain members of the fae population thin that Mercy is in possession of something they want. Mercy doesn't know if but she has something that can take away a fae's power. Can she stand up to and fight off a fairy queen? When said queen kidnaps someone special to herself and Jesse, she has no choice but to try.

While trying to find this thing some of the fae burn down Mercy's tailer. When Adam, and another wolf, go into the burning structure to save her he is badly hurt. Before he can fully recover from his injuries Adam is challenged for Alpha. Even more pack-related things happen in Silver Borne.

Also in Silver Borne Mercy and Adam begin to date while she adjusts to both her pack and mate bonds. Adam helps Mercy, who is still readjusting to being touched after her rape. Some of my favorite "people" reappear in Silver Borne: Zee, Tony, Ben, and the walking stick. =)

Title: Silver Borne
Author: Patricia Briggs
ISBN: 9780441018192
Pages: 342
Published by: Ace Hardcover (March 2010)
Categories: Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Series, Vampire, Werewolf, Walker
Source: Public Library
Books in this series:
Homecoming (a graphic novel prequel)
Moon Called 
Blood Bound 
Bone Crossed
Silver Borne **
River Marked 
Frost Burned (coming February 2013)
**This review.

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