December 9, 2009

Review of: Postscript from Pemberley (The Pemberley Chronicles, #7)

Seventh in the bestselling Jane Austen sequel series from Australia

Young Darcy Gardiner has fallen for Kate O'Hare, a newcomer to Pemberley whose beauty and intellect fascinate him.

Kate is more interested in discussing the merits of Darwin's The Origin of Species than the latest fashion in gowns. Her unladylike involvement in the scientific controversies of the day invite malignant forces from her past that pose grave risks for her friends. But in her very difference lies her charm, especially for young Darcy Gardiner.

The original Jane Austen characters—Darcy, Elizabeth, Bingley, and Jane—provide the framework for new characters and unfolding events set against a backdrop of the social issues of the time. This next generation proves as lively and complex as Darcy and Elizabeth's own.

I read this without having read Pride and Prejudice or any of the other six in Rebecca Ann Collins' series. This did make it a little difficult to keep everyone and their relationships to each other straight, but not so much that is impeded my enjoyment.

You may be asking yourself why I requested this particular book. When I was offered it I was intending to read Pride and Prejudice. I did start it, but the writing got to me. I'd love to read P&P, but the language gets to me. (The same thing happens when I try to read Wuthering Heights.) Postscript from Pemberley is written in more modern language which made it so easy to read.

As mentioned in the blurb above, Postscript from Pemberley is about Darcy Gardiner and Kate O'Hare. There is another couple that figures prominently in the novel. Julian Darcy (uncle to Darcy Gardiner) and Jessica Courtney. I can't compare or relate Postscript from Pemberley to P&P or any of the others in the series, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the two couples, their families and assorted friends. I'm going to have to check out the others in this series!

Title: Postscript from Pemberley (The Pemberley Chronicles, #7)
Author: Rebecca Ann Collins
ISBN: 9781402224324
Pages: 320
Published by: Sourcebooks Landmark (December 1, 2009)
Genre(s): Fiction, Historical Fiction, Series
Source: (ARC sent by Sourcebooks)
Grade: B What does this grade mean?

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Postscript from Pemberley (The Pemberley Chronicles, #7)**
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  1. Austen's writing bothered me too. I've never been able to finish one of her books. Glad you enjoyed this "sequel" though!

  2. I really enjoy Pride and Prejudice - do you think it might work better in audio form for you? I know when I get bogged down in language it can be really helpful to hear someone who's already 'got' it read it out loud. It was one way I made it through a lot of Shakespeare.

    Of course it still just may not be your thing, but I thought it was worth the suggestion :).

  3. @Lana- That's a great idea. I think I will give P&P a shot on audio. I'd really like to read it and Wuthering Heights. Looks like I have 2 down for the Audio Book Challenge!


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