December 17, 2008

Review of: The Family Bones

Author: Kimberly Raiser
ISBN: 9780615246253
Pages: 192
Genre(s): Paranormal, Thriller, Fiction
Grade: B-
Challenge(s): none

You can purchase this book from: Amazon OR an Indie Book Store

From the back of the book:
Will they stay? Will they survive? The Weavers have inherited family property in Astral, Pennsylvania, a town so small that Mrs. Weaver can find no mention of it on the Internet, save for a tiny spot on Google Earth. Hoping for a simpler, small-town existence for their young family, Steven and Tara eagerly head to Astral to see what they hope will be their dream house. As they explore their potential new home, the Weavers begin to discover secret passageways, secret rooms, and long buried family truths; some difficult truths are revealed and no longer kept in the far reaches of the closet. There are reasons for everything, and sometimes the explanations are so simple. But sometimes, simple can also be horrifying.
I think the best way to describe this book is 'spooky'. I'm not a squeamish reader, but I had to read this book during the day. I started it early this month, during the afternoon. I'm the type of person who HAS to read in bed before going to sleep. I could not read The Family Bones before going to sleep.

There are some really great elements to The Family Bones: children in danger, disappearing/reappearing tunnels, a well. Not to mention all of the mystery and suspense. It didn't take me long to get swept up in this book. From page 1 Kimberly Raiser had me with:
The well on the back of the property always scared me as a child. It was so deep, and so completely absent of any light. The neighborhood kids used to tell me horrible stories about the old man who used to live there before my grandparents did. How he used to drown cats deep in the well and how their bones would rise during the full moon to look for the old man that drowned them.
And that's just the first 4 sentences of The Family Bones! It only gets better, scarier, spookier from there. If you would also like to read this. I'll send my copy (only read once, by yours truly) to the first person (with a legit e-mail address) to comment below.

(Full disclosure: Kimberly Raiser sent me this book as a free review copy. If you have any questions/concerns about how this may have affected how I feel about the book, please go here and read the PLEASE NOTE part.)


  1. If you're willing to send to Canada Kylee I'd love to read it. I just saw it posted over on Book Blogs and it caught my interest. I love spooky.

  2. I looked it up and it looks like it should be less than $10.00 (US) so, it's yours!

    Send me an e-mail to kylee.challenge AT with your snail mail address. Put "The Family Bones" in the subject; gmail's Spam filter can be pretty vicious.

  3. Thanks for the review. I do not do spooky. So I'll be avoiding this!!

  4. @Dar: Scratch that. I emailed you. It's still yours though. =)

  5. Thank you so much Kylee. I answered back on your email.

  6. Wow - great review Kylee - I actually got goosebumps reading it!

    :) Wendi

    You've just been tagged for
    Some Christmas Fun

  7. THANK YOU! I have got a copy of this book and I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE spooky! You've got me so excited.!

  8. I'm going to hit Amazon in a minute to buy this book for my 2009 challenge. It sounds like something I will enjoy. Thanks!


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