December 2, 2008

Review of: The Safety of Secrets

Author: Delaune Michel
ISBN: 9780060817367
Pages: 320
Genre(s): Women's Fiction
Grade: C-
Start date: 11-14-08
End date: 11-19-08
Challenge(s): none

I really wanted to like this book. I've several reviews by others that liked it a lot. There was just something about Fiona and Patricia rubbed me the wrong way; self-centered maybe (?). I don't want to give any "for instances" and spoil the book for anyone who is going to read it. My biggest issue with the book was the lack of warning (page break or different font) when Fiona would flash to her past. It took me a few lines to whole paragraphs to realize that we had changed settings. I found this very annoying after the 3rd switch in setting.

But this is just MY opinion. As I said, there are those that really enjoyed the book. Some examples are below:
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  1. I have to agreed with you about not liking the characters, Kylee! I loved DeLaune Michel's writing, she's very talented, but ... as I wrote in my review:

    "I have to say that I didn’t like either Fiona or Patricia, and was frustrated that the “fatal flaw” for each of them, the inability to keep a secret, remained a strong character trait."

    I wouldn't want either of them for a friend!

    I would like to read more of Michel's writing, though.

    Thanks for the link to my review!

  2. Good insight on the story. I want to read and review this one soon. I will let you know what I think. Thanks again.


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