January 29, 2010

Award: Your Blog Is Over The Top!

This award was passed on to me by Trisha from Trisha's Book Blog. Thank you!

Rules for this award: Answer each question with a one word answer and then pass along to five other bloggers.

(1) Your Cell Phone? Pocket
(2) Your Hair? Short
(3) Your Mother? Fan-freakin-tastic
(4) Your Father? Distant
(5) Your Favorite Food? Pizza
(6) Your Dream Last Night? None
(7) Your Favorite Drink? Water
(8) Your Dream/Goal? Quiet
(9) What Room Are You In? Living
(10) Your Hobby? Books
(11) Your Fear? Alone
(12) Where Do You Want To Be In Six Years? Home
(13) Where Were You Last Night? Bed
(14) Something That You Aren't? Awake
(15) Muffins? Tops
(16) Wish List Item? Books!!!
(17) Where Did You Grow Up? Here
(18) Last Thing You Did? Coffee
(19) What Are You Wearing? Pajamas
(20) Your TV? GMA
(21) Your Pets? None
(22) Friends? Awesome
(23) Your Life? Eh
(24) Your Mood? Hungry
(25) Missing Someone? Yes
(26) Vehicle? Want
(27) Something You Aren't Wearing? Frown
(28) Your Favorite Store? ACMoore
(29) Your Favorite Color? Purple
(30) When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Yesterday
(31) Last Time You Cried? Yesterday
(32) Your Best Friend? Kim!
(33) One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Library
(34) Facebook? Yes
(35) Favorite Place To Eat? Chili's



  1. Hi there! Found you through the You've Got Mail challenge. LOVE your word for your Mom - mine is pretty Fan-freakin-tastic too!


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