November 19, 2008

10 on Tuesday on Wednesday

This post on Florinda's blog, The 3R's inspired me. Here is my list of small things that I greatly appreciate. (the only 'order' here is the order that they popped into my head)
  1. Gil Simmons, Sonia Baghdady, Desiree Fontaine and Darren Kramer - they are the morning team on my local ABC station during the week. They get me laughing most mornings which is good for the circulation. =)
  2. The Connecticut Technical High School System - I won't mention which of the 19 schools she goes to, but my oldest is a student in one of them and is not only getting a good education, she will also be getting great training in her dream profession. Her dream is to someday move to Tokyo and design video games!
  3. The Twinings and Stash people. Their Irish Breakfast and Chai (respectively) keep me awake and warm.
  4. I'm thankful for trees. Without trees, we would not have all of the lovely books to read. We wouldn't have there cool, refreshing shade.
  5. Dove Chocolate - most specifically the dark.
  6. Training pants - we are attempting to potty train our little one and I remember doing it 12 years ago with my (almost) 15 year old in the pre-training pant days.
  7. Michael Bublé -There are some days when I simply cannot make it without taking 3 1/2 minutes to listen to Everything. On the really bad days I need 7 minutes to listen to it twice.
  8. Jason Mraz - Many of his songs are just so bouncy. If I ever get to see either of them live... *sigh*
  9. Literacy. I cannot imagine my life without the ability and opportunity to read and write.
  10. Everyone who reads here, whether a subscriber or a sometime visitor, and especially those of you who take the time to comment!
I stole the last two from Florinda, but they are just as true for me as they are for her.

Now, for your listening/viewing pleasure are the videos (courtesy of YouTube) for Everything by Michael Bublé and I'm Yours by Jason Mraz!

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  1. I thought those last two items sounded familiar :-). And we can't over-appreciate music and good schools. Glad you decided to join in!


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