November 9, 2008

Weekly Geeks #24 - Favorite Author Fun Facts

This week’s theme is: fun facts about authors.

How to:

1. Choose a writer you like.

2. Using resources such as Wikipedia, the author’s website, whatever you can find, make a list of interesting facts about the author.

3. Post your fun facts list in your blog, maybe with a photo of the writer, a collage of his or her books, whatever you want.

4. Come sign the Mr Linky below with the url to your fun facts post.

5. As you run into (or deliberately seek out) other Weekly Geeks’ lists, add links to your post for authors you like or authors you think your readers are interested in.

Elizabeth Haydon is the author of one of my favorite series. Rhapsody: Child of Blood was her debut novel (1999). She has been compared to Terry Goodkind, JRR Tolkein and Robert Jordan.

  • She is an herbalist.
  • Can play the harp.
  • Knew she wanted to be a writter in the 4th grade.
I have read all of the Symphony of Ages series and Requiem for the Sun. She has such a terrific way of melding fantastic storytelling and music. They are just... awesome. =)

Some WG posts about authors I enjoy and some that I have been meaning to read:
  1. Sherrie's post about James Patterson - I've only read one of his so far (Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas), but it won't be my last.
  2. Maree's post about Gabriel Garcia Marquez - haven't read any, yet
  3. Juliann's post about Alexander McCall Smith - highly recommended by my Aunt Gerry and cousin Molly.
  4. Jill's post about Neil Gaiman - haven't read any, yet
  5. Marina's post about Mercedes Lackey - I have read only one of her's so far, but I have 2/4 of her Halfblood Chronicles - you can read my review of Burning Water here.
  6. Icedream's post about Fannie Flagg - I have not read any of her's yet (I have Welcome to the World Baby Girl in my TBR), I watch Match Game on GameShowNetwork a lot and I love when she's on, she's so funny! I've watched Fried Green Tomatoes a dozen times at least.


  1. Hi!
    I haven't read any of her books. I'll have to put them on my TBR list. Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


  2. Ok, I'm a huge fantasy fan. How did I miss these??? I will definitely be checking into Haydon. I hope I can find the books on audio.

  3. I have made a point out of visiting all participants in the Weekly Geeks and this time I must say that I have really been inspired and gotten so many new names of authors I've never heard about. I have not read any of Elzabeth Haydon's books, but they sound interesting.

    Have a great day


  4. hi, I keep seeing a Fannie Flagg book on the sales table at Borders... I suppose I should submit and just buy it! I like that you added the other WGer's posts - I forgot to do that...


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