March 18, 2009

Challenge Update #1 -- Reading Wrap-Up

I haven't done a Reading Wrap-Up since I wrapped up December's reads. I thought I'd combine a wrap-up for January, February and the first half of March with an update on where I stand with my Reading Challenges.

In January I finished:
  • Emily Post by Laura Claridge
  • The Smart One by Ellen Meister
  • Pretties by Scott Westerfeld
  • Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
In February I finished:
  • A Day with My Dad at the Beach by Lance Waite
  • King's Fool by Margaret Campbell Barnes
In March I have finished (so far):
  • Baron Thinks Dog are People Too! by Laurie Dean
  • Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
Now for Challenge Updates!
  1. 100+ Reading Challenge -- 8/100
  2. 18th & 19th Century Woman Writer's Challenge -- 0/4
  3. 2009 Pub Challenge -- 0/9 {I am currently reading THE CRIMES OF PARIS which qualifies for this challenge.}
  4. 2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge -- 0/12
  5. 2009 Young Adult Book Challenge -- 2/12
  6. American Civil War Reading Challenge -- 0/12
  7. Genre Challenge -- 2/12
  8. John Steinbeck Mini-Challenge -- 0/2
  9. Pulizter Prize Challenge -- 0/5
  10. Scott Westerfeld Mini-Challenge -- 2/2
  11. Well-Seasoned Reader Challenge -- 0/3 {In all honesty, I forgot about this challenge. It ends in 2 weeks...}
  12. What's in a Name? 2 -- 1/6
  13. Winter Holiday Reading Challenge -- There was no set # to read; I read an anthology of 4 stories and a book.
  14. The World Citizen Challenge -- 0/1
I will skip the Reading/Challenge Wrap-Up for March, but on May 2nd I will post a wrap-up that covers March 18 - April 30. After that I will resume regular monthly wrap-ups!

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  1. I have some challenges that are at 0 too! I haven't gotten to my Scot Westerfeld mini-challenge yet; I see you finished! I've decided not to stress out about challenges. They are supposed to be fun, not a chore. If I finish them, great; if not, so be it.

    Good luck on yours!

  2. Exactly. I'm not going to stress about it either. I'm having fun in my reading so far this year. Well, with the exception of the Emily Post bio. =)


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