March 6, 2009

Friday Fill-In {3-6-09} #114

ffi we go! 

1. Getting up this morning was my last random act of kindness.
2. Another place to live would be nice.
3. Keep yourself open in matters of the heart.
4. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
5. Join your separate paths.
6. Our daughters reminds me that there is always a reason to laugh.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to visiting my mom and step-dad, tomorrow my plans include visiting the RISD campus and Sunday, I want to write!

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  1. Your #1 made me chuckle. But anybody who gets a look at me when I first get out of bed in the mornings wouldn't think I was being so kind!

  2. Thanks jlshall. It was either get up or leave our 3yo unattended all day. I'm sure someone would have something negative to say about that. ;)

  3. I'm with on #6. My daughters are a constant source of entertainment.

  4. This always looks like fun. One of these days I'm going to participate!


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