April 9, 2009

Giveaway Winners - THE CRIMES OF PARIS


I used random.org's Random Sequence Generator to select the winners for THE CRIMES OF PARIS giveaway. There were 21 comments so I put "1" as the smallest value and "21" as the largest value; I then chose the first five numbers as the winners. I am displaying the first seven numbers so that you can see the first two alternates; I have copied all of the numbers for myself so that I can go down the list in case I don't hear back from the winners.
  • 18 - Angela C
  • 10 - Paris-Insider
  • 7 - bridget3420
  • 11 - scottsgal
  • 2 - Bookfool
First two alternates
  • 1 - BethF
  • 9 - Christina
I'm off to notify the winners and I hope to hear from them soon!

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