April 1, 2009

Read Together 2009

Jennifer @ Snapshot is hosting Read Together 2009 which lasts from April 1 - 30 2009. Jennifer says:
It's open to all ages, but I'd really love to see more people commit to reading to their older children. I'd also like to see goals that stretch you in some way.
For example --
  • If you already read for 10 minutes each night to your preschooler, stretch it 20, or commit to reading to him at breakfast time as well.
  • If (like me) your 10-year-old child always has her nose stuck in a book, but you've stopped sharing any books, find a definite time when you can read a book together.
  • Perhaps you can stretch genres or age limits. If you are stuck in a rut, read something a bit more challenging. If you only read picture books to your preschooler or early elementary aged student, take the opportunity to step it up with a fun chapter book.
  • If you always read to your children individually, perhaps your challenge will be to find a book that will appeal to everyone that you can read together as a family.
Reaghan (my 3yo) and I don't have a set schedule for reading, yet. With the start of this challenge I am going to change that. I'm hoping to bring Daddy and big sister (15yo) in on it too.

The only goal I am going to set for myself is to read to Reaghan for at least 15 minutes everyday. This goal is also part of my Spring Reading Thing 2009 challenge. As for my 15yo, she loves her baby sister (she waited long enough for one) and they spend time together watching movies and playing Candyland already. I'm sure it won't take much encouragement to get Sarah-Ellen to read with her sister once or twice a week. Daddy works a lot, but I'm sure he'll make the time to read with Reaghan (especially if I get Reaghan to ask him, lol).

Sarah-Ellen and I have already made a date to read To Kill a Mockingbird together this summer.

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  1. Great ideas. My kids are 5 1/2 years apart, so my 10 year old is also good about reading to her 4 year brother. They read different types of books together than I choose to read him, so it's a good thing. So I think that your idea of incorporating the rest of the family is a great (and beneficial) challenge.

  2. Great goals. That's a wonderful idea about also having your children read together too!


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