April 4, 2009

Review of: Baron Thinks Dogs are People Too!

Author: Laurie Dean
ISBN: 9781601310354
Published by:
Big Tent Books (November 2008)
Grade: A
100+ Reading Challenge - Read 'n Review '09

My 3 year old, Reaghan, was hooked from the cover! Bold colors, a dog, what more could a preschooler ask for? The illustrations inside the book are just as exciting and vibrant as the cover.

Reaghan has asked to 'read' Baron at least 4 times a week for the last month; not just once either, we have to read it 3 or 4 times before she's ready to move onto another book or activity. She laughs, pouts, cheers. I love the first page of the book: "Baron was a young dog who loved people. Squished between two people, like jam in a sandwich was Baron's favorite place to sleep." That's one of Reaghan's favorite places to be, too!

Baron is an excited, young puppy who like to run, jump and get dirty. After a dangerous situation, Baron is sent to doggie school to learn manners and the proper way to behave. Once he's home though he still has one problem, no best friend. I'll leave you in suspense as to whether or not he gets a best friend by the end of the book.
From the author's site:
Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too!
is an illustrated children's story about a family dog who wants nothing more than to have a best friend. When Baron's frisky antics get him sent to obedience school, he learns how to behave himself. Read along to find out if he can find a best friend with his new good behavior!
Purchase BARON THINKS... @ Big Tent Books (publisher).

(Full disclosure: Author Laurie Dean sent me this book as a free review copy. If you have any questions/concerns about how this may have affected how I feel about the book, please go here and read the last paragraph.)

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