April 18, 2009

Review of: A Day with My Dad at the Beach

Author: Lance Waite
ISBN: 9781601310163
Pages: 32
Published by: Parents Publishing Group, LLC (June, 2008)
Genre(s): Children's
Grade: B-
Challenge(s): 100+ Reading Challenge - Read 'n Review '09 - Spring Reading Thing 2009

Matt and Reaghan have read this book together a couple of times, but not for lack of love for the book! They both enjoy it (and time spent together). It's one of those wonderful hardcover books whose cover matches the dust jacket (which always seem to get torn or lost).

The story part of it is very sweet and heartwarming. Dad makes a special effort to be home when his daughter comes home from school to take her to the beach, then the boardwalk for dinner and rides. The story of their day spent together is told from the daughter's point-of-view. The illustrations are very interesting. They remind me of a collage.
The beach is the perfect place to have fun with your kids. "A Day with My Dad at the Beach" is full of adventures and fantastic illustrations that evoke memories of an exciting day at the beach that a father and daughter will never forget. The story will touch the hearts of parents and inspire them to engage in similar activities with their children within a larger day of interpersonal experiences. It encourages children to vividly imagine the fun things they can do with their parents on an outing. Set on a sunny beach after a long day of school and work, the father and daughter escape to the outside world and enjoy a fun, relaxing day of swimming and exploration.
This is the second book by author, and father, Lance Waite. The first is A Day with My Dad and described as "A father and daughter spend a day together, hiking in the hills around there town. With no distractions, a bond can be built between them that can last a lifetime."

Lance wrote his books to encourage fathers to be more involved with their daughters and to show his girls that even an ordinary day can be exciting when you share it with someone special. Both of Lance Waite's books are illustrated by Manuela Pentangelo.

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